Google announced a new feature for users who are likely to have a positive impact on the Play Store. Henceforth applications and games receive industry-standard age classification in accordance with the international standards of the International Coalition Age Rating (IARC), the (PSP) belongs to the Entertainment Software Association for Germany. For developers, it was announced a new tool for rejected apps.

Google pulls the Play Store continues over the reins to: Today, the company has announced the in-house products blog to introduce a classification system for age-related apps and games based on industry standards.

Developers need to fill out to all their applications and games a questionnaire to obtain in this way a maturity level for their apps from today. This is mandatory, if developers want to get their applications in the Play Store displayed. Google provides for the classification process in the Developer Console provides a questionnaire that is to be filled out quickly. If the questionnaire for an app is not filled out this application receives a rating of “Unrated” (“not classified”) and may lock in certain regions or for certain users. According to Google, an age classification questionnaire must be completed in May of this year for all new apps and updates before they can walk in the Play Store.

Google will update in the coming weeks to Play Store and integrate a corresponding filter function, only certain apps and games, based on the system can make available to the parents for their children on smartphones and tablets.

The new system is based on the official classifications of the International Coalition Age Rating (IARC) and other participating organizations. The latter include, for example, the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the Pan-European Game Information (PEGI), the Australian Classification Board, the Classificação indicativa (ClassInd) and the German Entertainment Software (USK). Furthermore, a general age rating for apps and games appear in regions where no appropriate instance for rating or self-control exists.

Play Store: New tool helps designers app approval

Months ago, Google announced that it would serve the Play Store editorially better and to test apps before uploading them in the store, to provide users as better quality. In the course of its applications are often rejected or removed from the Play Store, as they have violated the program guidelines. In order to provide developers with more transparency, Google has introduced a new tool to get a better overview with the Developer why an app was rejected or blocked. With this information, it should in future be easier to revise Apps for minor infringements of Play Store Policies quickly and then to apply for re-publication. The lack of feedback for rejected apps is one of the biggest criticisms, previously produced the app developers against Google.

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