Android Key Lime Pie: Name confirmed by Google employees



Google, recently has only the Android version 4.2 is released and is set to continue in naming Jelly Bean. In about six months, the U.S. company is already about to present the next iteration of the mobile operating system at the Google I / O. A few months ago but circulated numerous references to an iteration called Key Lime Pie through the net, so we expect that with the latest Android 5.0 (or 4.3 or 4.5)

At the developer conference, which is expected to take place in May 2013, Google will certainly introduce the next version, and perform very likely the next higher step. It could be that this will be the next major update, which has been buzzing for some time, code-named Key Lime Pie through. Google their names known Android versions always look for a dessert and also in an alphabetical order. After J by Jelly Bean will follow logically K as key lime pie.


This rumor is now that a  Google employee  verified with the aid of a self-drawn comedian. The drawing presentations the evolution of the working gadget is illustrated and in any case presentations slightly Android-male, which is consuming a lime pie. Not directly, we subsequently has an worker who’s employed in the way in which Gmail division betrayed the identify of the following model. Along with the title, there are sadly presently no details about Android and the longer term performance. Newest for the Google I / O, we will be able to study extra.

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