Android M Preview

Android M Preview

Google just released the second update of Android M Developer Preview. And met this new proposal from Google I / O 2015 when we reported how this time the previous Android M come in three waves, the first launched at the developer conference, the second precisely what we have today, and a final that come before the final version when as happened with Android Lollipop is launched in the autumn.

The previous second has a well noticeable changes, but still as a preliminary to developers so some features will not work until their final release. Some changes are found in this previous landscape mode for phones, to remove icons from the status bar or change permissions. Here you will also find links to download the update for those who have the first preliminary, but anyway the OTA arrive in days to update either from the phone in a simpler way.

In the first pre-Google wanted to surprise us with an alphabetical list with letters on the side for quick access to apps. This time everything has changed again with the typical view of four columns works the same way as in the latest version.

The most notable difference is that now can quickly swipe through apps to make the scroll bar on the right side, precisely where the letters were.

Another outstanding options is the ability to enable or disable the section of suggested apps. Here it is appreciated that Google him all power to the user to add the list of apps.

Landscape mode for Google Now Launcher
In the default launcher that comes in the run, now is the possibility of using the landscape mode. If pressed and on the desktop screen and navigating launcher settings, there are two options. To activate a list of recent apps in the app drawer, and another that activates this landscape mode for the launcher.

New screen widgets

As happens in the application drawer, Google brings this time some changes to the widgets. Now you can quickly swipe through the list of widgets to make the scroll bar on the right side of the screen.

Another detail is when an app has more than one widget, which can be accessed with a side swipe.

Option to delete a snapshot or screenshot
Another of those little details that has Android M since it was announced in the keynote at Google I / O 2015. If a screenshot is taken now to remove a button right next to the Share button appears.

Nothing spectacular but it helps a lot when you do not want a screenshot we have done.

Interface options such as deleting system bar icons Status
The possibility Developer mode otherwise what was the press several times on the build number in “About” opens. And a menu that first appeared in the previous “System UI tuner”, seems to already have some functionality in this second prior.

Now you can remove multiple icons such as the battery, Wi-Fi and some more from the section of the status bar. Option to display the percentage of battery like other will come very well to developers for certain reasons.

Storage and memory settings

A couple of new features await us in this earlier in the system settings. One for “storage” gives us a quick view as the storage space is being used on your device.

The other option is to show the use of RAM. You can select a time period of 3, 6, 12 or 24 hours. And just below that, the setting page shows memory usage, total memory or existing free number besides other data.

Improved performance

As always in every system updates the bugs are another focus of developers and it shows in this previous interface where, apparently, has improved performance and response.

A second preliminary offering better feeling but still remains as a developer version so prepare for the final release of Android M in the fall.

Download Android M Developer Preview 2 for the Nexus 5, Nexus 6, Nexus 9 and Nexus Player device:



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