Google has confirmed this morning that it is working to add support for screens with similar pressure sensors 3D Touch Apple. Beta is the second Android Developer N which has made the first pieces of this feature of Android that comes almost a year late with respect to the 3D function Touch Apple. However, Google has referred to the role of pressure control screen with a name somewhat peculiar, though it was clear that sooner or later Android would host this function named by Apple as the interest of companies and users is considerable.

The notes of the latest edition of Android have called this feature “Shortcuts Launcher”, ie they are as shortcuts in the Launcher. For those not familiar with the word “Launcher” in Android is the part of the system that allows us to navigate the desktop (in iOS would be the SpringBoard) and the application drawer. In fact, the Launcher is a pretty customizable part of Android and is what most often alter their users. We leave you a video so that you appreciate how it works this pressure detection capability in Android N.


For now, the Android 3D Touch is only available for Launchers, although it is expected that during the last quarter of this year, Google finished adding this feature to your complete system Android N. Although its main use is really in the Launcher, we will not deceive us. Meanwhile, brands such as Huawei or Meizo have imitated their own 3D Touch systems, although they are functions that control its layers of customization and not the source code of the operating system. Android keeps getting batteries, is the umpteenth time that both Apple and Google caught borrowed features from the competition.

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