Android Overtaken by Malicious Files [Viruses]?


The temperature rises on the facet of the Android smartphones. Extra "open" terminals let Google, de facto, most frequently an open door to viruses of the household of malware , which will result in a chilly sweat in your telephone. In latest weeks, a brand new variant of virus has emerged.


"The type of malware Android.Spy targeting Android systems are known since the fall of 2010. In addition to retrieve and edit contacts and messages, send SMS and locate the Smartphone the Android.Spy can also set itself to run automatically. Changes in the Trojan can also be downloaded when the smartphone is turned on with the objective of recovering the phone ID, configure some search parameters in the search engines and open links. "

These infected programs often stem not from the Android Market, but suspicious sites, which offer applications altogether legitimate in appearance, but comes with the famous virus. To be activated, the virus requires that the user gives permission for access to certain data from the smartphone, the application host. As in IOS, the mobile terminal displays a message substantially equivalent to this: Would you let tartampion © access your contact list? Yes / No). The application can corrupt and trigger the sending of spam and SMS, contacts picks here and there in your directory, and repeatedly. What panic your bill, if certain numbers are overtaxed … Obviously, if a simple Sudoku application requests access to your contact list, mistrust is the rule …

Android: a double-edged environment software

The Apple iPhone has also been subject to security flaws, but its software environment, requiring the systematic validation of the Apple applications (and criticized, justifiably in many respects for this reason), it undoubtedly gives advantages in terms of security, given its rival. And for good reason, Android smartphones can install any application from any shop.The risks associated with this non-regulation are more important than on the iPhone, whose applications are validated manually. Partitioning which allows Apple to avoid some pitfalls.

Fortunately, there exists today a number of antivirus software available on the Android Market, which obviously can protect against this type of infection. Note that the App Store iOS, the only applications for iPhone, including the term "virus", are games 


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