Android operating on Home windows let’s: blue stacks app Participant


The corporate has blue stacks for Home windows 7 is a free participant (or emulator) revealed what Android apps operating on a PC can also be.The instrument is solely known as blue stacks participant app.


Screenshot from ZDNet

With 117 megabytes of the application is quite large, with the installation, however, are directly 10 apps installed.The program runs on Windows as a desktop gadget.On the website the following features are indicated:

  • Fast playing Android Apps including full-screen
  • Apps on Android phone can be pushed to the computer using "blue stacks Cloud Connect"
  • Up to 26 apps can be installed in the free version

Unfortunately, the Alpha 32-bit version on my Windows 7 laptop and it is not broken during installation.Therefore, we could not test the program (yet).


Error message during installation – we get to the test!

In the future it will be at a premium version which you can install many apps, among other things infinite.This is currently not yet available.In addition, Blue Stack is currently in the process develop a version for Mac users too.One can be informed directly by email as soon as the Mac version is ready.

Here it goes directly to the download.


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