BlackBerry announced called the runtime that is intended to Android apps to run an update, so that  applications written  for Android 4.1 can run the operating sytem. Currently supports the runtime apps that Android 2.3 support.

Various media report based on statements that BlackBerry has done during the BB Jam event. Meanwhile the plans on the developer page of the Canadian manufacturer to find . Well BlackBerry says no final release date to announce. BlackBerry claims at least all the functionality and APIs it will support currently in the Google developed Android 4.1 present.

Currently supports the Android runtime for BlackBerry 10 and BlackBerry PlayBook Android apps compatible for Android version 2.3. Applications written for newer Android versions do not work with the BlackBerry created runtime. This allows newer apps that are written by the Holo-design of Google, not on the BlackBerry operating system.

Android runtime for BlackBerry 10 support Android 4.1

The Android runtime was once launched with model of the BlackBerry PlayBook working gadget a while in the past for his pill launched. The producer promised all of the performance of BlackBerry 10.

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