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ios appSwiftKey – one of the most popular virtual keyboard for Android-powered devices – will be an iOS app. Leaked images SwiftKey app shows that it’s published by TouchType twitter user @ evleaks.

SwiftKey is considered as “smart” keyboard for Android-powered devices. Difficult process of getting your text on the touch screen there help autocorrect and predictive text system in 60 languages ​ .

since installing SwiftKey remembers that the man writes in Twitter, Facebook or Gmail and automatically offers in written speech favorite phrases and expressions . According to user reviews, it seems that the keyboard “reads” thoughts and predicts almost complete sentences from the very first words .

SwiftKey has a traditional and ” sliding ” typing. Second faster, but the prediction accuracy decreases in long applications. There are some tricks input , for example , the use of space for automatic word completion , quick insert “point” mode and AutoCaps.

Apple iOS 7 fimware amended , allowing developers to replace the standard keyboard own decisions . The limitation is that the keyboard unit can be used only at the application level . For this reason, unable to realize its original TouchType keyboard in a separate program for notes in SwiftKey.

difficult to judge the ability of future keyboard from the screenshot , but if TouchType implemented at least half features Android- version , SwiftKey Note ios app will be one of the most useful applications in the App Store.

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