Android TV screenshots Leaked


Android-TVThe Verge published leaked screenshots of the new product Google related to TV content , – Android TV. Google, as you know, has already attempted to break into the TV segment with its own set-top box Google TV, but recently this project developed quite sluggish. Now the Internet giant switched to the concept of Android TV, which is markedly different from Google TV.

Unlike the latter , Android TV does not attempt to turn the TV into a large smartphone . According to the documentation Google, it is an entertaining interface, not the computer platform .


Android TV, conceived by the Internet Corporation , is closer to the Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Roku. Developers make the most simple and convenient version of their native applications for Android- TV content , TV shows and broadcasts. Will be sorted by type of content , some additional configuration .


Android TV will also support voice input , and notifications . Access to content is maximally simplified , will also be integrated universal global search and ” cover ” for applications , movies, and various games. The structure set- topboksa applications include Play Movies, YouTube, Hangouts, Vevo, Netflix, Hulu and Pandora. Also a great emphasis on the various recommendations on the home screen .

Mentioned support gamepads , suggesting that this time the game will play a more important role. When will consoles or TVs with Android TV, is still unknown.
In Google data leaks about the upcoming set-top box does not comment.

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