The Apple Watch is getting ready to hit the market, but not everyone wants to spend at least $400 for the Apple’s smartwatch. Android Wear is possibly an upcoming alternative. Developers Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh shows the most recent example, the acceptance of a call.

The latest video from developer Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh via YouTube demonstrates the possibilities that even without jailbreak are using Apple’s intelligence service ANCS (Apple Notification Center Service) possible. In this specific example, Abu-Garbeyyeh shows the notification and acceptance of a call on Android-wear SmartWatch.

The acceptance of the call, the developer has automated in this example for the purposes of the video, because, as Abu-Garbeyyeh, on the other hand, the complete clock would have covered.

Official support for iOS does not yet exist with Android Wear far. Some rumor has it that Google could imagine an app in the future, which should allow cooperation between the two worlds.

Mohammad Abu-Garbeyyeh, a few weeks ago released a video in which its Android-wear SmartWatch had a short message from the iOS device.

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