The moment many you expected has arrived: android wear will from now compatible with the iPhone. Google has announced in a statement that says Android Wear can do a lot of things, besides being able to choose the design that we like and use it with the bitten apple smartphone.

To use it in our iPhone (iOS 5 or higher 8.2 or higher) will require the android wear application, which must arrive during the day, with which we can get information at a glance, follow our physical activity or save time with intelligent help.

What can we do with Android Wear for iOS

  • Review relevant information such as phone calls, messages and notifications of our favorite applications. Android has always used in displays, so you never have to move the doll to awaken our watch.
  • Set goals for physical activity and get daily and weekly views of our progress. The clock automatically follows our physical activity and measures our heart rate.
  • Receive timely advice as when leaving an appointment, current traffic information and flight status. Say “Ok Google” to ask questions like “Is it going to rain in London tomorrow?” Or create tasks with “Remember me take the umbrella.”

Google warns that, for the moment, android wear only works with the LG Watch Urban, but will soon be compatible with other watches, including Huawei image, the ASUS and Motorola.

If the sale of devices using android wear had to explode at some point, I think Google just announced today that time. From now on, any iOS user can choose to buy an Apple or Android Wear Watch to find out everything that is happening in our neesidad iPhone without removing it from our pocket.

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