With the App Store users are familiar with all iOS- devices. With each passing day the number of users is growing, as well as by leaps and bounds growing number of applications . For five years service has amassed nearly 1 million development. Among the hundreds of thousands of items difficult to choose useful and interesting program , and if there are any , they are frequently paid.

Fortunately, in the past year, Apple has launched a special campaign App of the Week, in which selected the best paid apps of the week. Such developments for a limited time you can download absolutely free of charge .

Apple today announced that within the App of the Week can be downloaded for ” so ” the game Angry Birds Star Wars II saga in the universe “Star Wars .” Game , we recall, combines classic gameplay of ” Angry Birds ” with an entourage famous space saga. Feathered characters do not just explode , and use lasers , lightsabers and naturally Force.

Angry Birds Star Wars II is based on 1-3 episodes of the famous saga , so it appeared those characters that were not in the first part. So , the game featured Darth Maul , armed with a sword with double blade, Mace Windu , throw pink sword , the young Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn , Yoda and Jar Jar Binks .

Continuing adventures of birds and pigs, but new levels , characters and awards, gamers have the ability to carry 30 images Hasbro figures in a virtual reality game by module TELEPODS. To this figure must be placed in front of a camera phone or a tablet , the toy will be scanned and the corresponding character will appear on the battlefield.

Angry Birds Star Wars II for iOS Features :

“Transition to a swinish side! Opportunity for the first time to play for the pigs ! Artillery bilateral lightsaber Darth Maul or play for Darth Vader , General Grievous and other baddies !

OVER 30 playable characters ! The largest selection of characters of all time games – Yoda on cars racer Anakin , Mace Windu , Jango Fett , and many others !

TELEPODS! Fundamentally new way to play ! Now teleport your favorite characters in the game , putting your figurines Angry Birds Star Wars Telepods * in the camera of your device !

Become a Jedi Master OR Sith Lord ! Multiple levels to pass in the direction of poultry or pigs , as well as a bonus chapter and a ton of unique achievements ! Is replaced by the character during the game! Switch characters slingshot at any time – they can earn or buy! ”

Download Angry Birds Star Wars II for iOS for free [Direct Link].

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