Tweaking the iPhone interface attracts jailbreak , perhaps no less than unlicensed software and the ability to bypass the built in micropayments for games and applications . Jailbreak iOS allows installation utility from sources other than the official App Store. Last and bring qualitative changes in approaches to work and Apple- platform design .

One of the functions of iOS, which can be changed by using the so-called tweaks – banners notifications. This built-in component was introduced in  iOS 5 Notification Center. With the release of the jailbreak development called Animer7, users on iOS devices 7 can customize detail this aspect of the system , in particular animation , concomitant appearance of banners.

From Animer7,  jailbroken iPhone owner can change the default effect for alerts on the iPhone. In particular, use one of the four new animations when a banner, a special effect at the closing, including zoom , as well as customize the animation for the moment forced closure panel.


If you are not happy with the regular banners in iOS, then this addon from Cydia – solution. Copyright tweak believes that the ability to customize alerts – the inalienable right of the owner of the iPhone and iPad. Animer7 menu is also available a number of options for customization panel multitasking iOS 7 , including some interesting options animations and effects fading out and increase .

Extras section of the kiosk can hide from the home screen and separators in the control iOS 7. All these features might be interested in those who like to customize the interface to your liking.

To upgrade to Animer7 tweak animation banners and panels for multitasking is $1.99 in store Cydia.

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