Animoji doesn’t Use iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera


iphone x animoji

Is is clear that at this point Animoji is an exclusive feature of the iPhone X. So far, we have seen it as a way to justify the use of TrueDepth sensors from the front camera that help to obtain better accuracy, or rather say better selfies.

However, they are always with the attentive eye those that must dismember the operation not only of iOS but of the devices of Apple in general … and if we told you that the sensors are not used TrueDepth for the Animoji? This has been the latest discovery.

YouTuber Marques Brownlee was the one who carried out the most basic and effective test we could imagine. Started with Animoji basic features and has ended up covering the TrueDepth camera to realize that the system really does not stop working in spite of it. Later on tweeted that for better accuracy, Animoji uses infrared camera and depth sensors. So we can conclude that there is no apparent reason for this feature to be present in other iOS devices, especially like the iPhone 8 that which has virtually the same hardware as far as power is concerned.

However … why does Apple made this an exclusive feature of the iPhone X? Well, everything seems to be pure marketing. We can not blame the company for leaving exclusive software features to the highest terminal in the range. However, it seems that they have not found enough reasons to make spectacular an already fantastic phone as the iPhone X have had to use this trifle. The question now arises as soon as they will assess other applications in taking advantage of the slip of Apple and create applications fully compatible with any phone.

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