Anonymous and Lulzsec call for Paypal boycott


Nameless and hackers from LulzSec Wednesday known as for a boycott on PayPal on-line fee subsidiary of the American e-commerce eBay, following its decision not to accept donations for the site Wikileaks.

"PayPal continues to deny the funds on behalf of Wikileaks, a glimmer of truth in these dark times," write the two organizations in a joint statement. "We encourage anyone who uses Paypal to immediately close their account and consider an alternative", and insist Anonymous LulzSec.


"The first step to become truly free, is not to trust a company that freezes the accounts when she wants or when the U.S. government put pressure on her," they add.

Anonymous hackers from LulzSec and promised last week to continue their fight against companies and governments, claiming to have intercepted documents of NATO, two days after the announcement of a police dragnet for the .

Rather than playing a low profile after the arrest of 16 people in the United States and five in Europe, as part of the FBI investigation into Anonymous, pirates have vowed to continue their fight, even amplify it.

Hackers of the two Italian groups have announced on their blog Monday to have hacked the website of the Italian cyber (CNAIPIC) and published links to classified information.


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