All these thinking about a minimal net essentially have heard of Nameless  hackers, the well-known and team that’s in the back of a couple of assaults particularly deadly (just about conversing) . The latter is far speak about him for some time now and that is more than likely what led authorities from a couple of nations to appear just a little nearer to this group. Yeah, smartly simply think about that the Spanish police and the Turkish police can be neatly managed to forestall a thirty suspected contributors …


 It is in fact yesterday that the Spanish police announced they had arrested three leaders of the group Anonymous . The operation was carried out both in Barcelona , in Almeria andAlicante . According to authorities, these three pirates are part of the "responsible" for the organization and be involved in several recent attacks that affected sites and Sony as well as several governments. The strangest thing in this story is that Anonymous is not hierarchical and there is therefore no "chiefs" or "leaders." Note, however, that the authorities had got hold of a server used t
o participate in attacks on the PlayStation Store and the site of the Spanish police was attacked by a denial of service following the arrests.

The side of Turkey, it is no less than 32 people who were arrested by the authorities. The latter would in fact attacked several government sites, and the Turkish police would be well managed to trace the source … and then up to them. Again, this is a big operation because it was conducted in 12 different cities. Note however that it is better to take this information with caution, it is perhaps nothing more than a great campaign comm 'organized by the two governments.

For indeed, the Anonymous have been quick to respond and the organization has indicated that the three people arrested in Spain are not members of the collective. Difficult to discern fact from fiction. In my case, what seems really very odd is that a hacker keeps him in the evidence of his wrongdoing. I do not know about you but if I used to enter the protected networks, I think I would try to hide my tracks a little better and probably I would avoid to keep the house a dedicated server for this purpose.

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