Anonymous to Launch its Social Network Called Anonplus!


In contemporary weeks, the well-known staff of hacktivists was a little less about him and wondered, even if they were not going to retire permanently from the scene but it was difficult to know. In fact, Anonymous working on a completely different project.  Well, simply a social network called Anonplus ! Wow, what a a surprise …


Must admit that the social networks and Anonymous did not mix so far. The group has indeed seen many profiles of its members simply disappear from the face of the earth, and the overnight and without notice, of course. In fact, it's not just social networks that they are a problem. Their videos were indeed removed from YouTube several months ago that. Same also for Google + who kindly pushed to the exit door some group members. Hard drive to be a hacker. In this context, we understand exactly what motivated them to launch a new social network.

But make no mistake, Anonplus is not yet open to visitors. All that can be found by visiting the official page of the project is that Anonymous has decided to launch a new social network to fight the tyranny of these large industrial groups who appropriate our data. As they say themselves, Anonplus is a social network in which the censor can not find a place. To quote their own words, "there will be no oppression, there will be no tyranny" . Basically, therefore, everyone is free to express themselves freely on any subject.


If Anonplus is not yet online, you must be aware that you can find on the homepage of the project a link to the developer forum . One can find many things, discussions on the charter service, or some of its features. Here, here , for example, one can discover an interface designed and built for the social network for Anonymous, same thing on this thread for its logo(the first is really nice b
y the way)
 or on this post for its functions.

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