Anostyle Exchange the colour of iPhone 5 for $249



Anostyle studio known around the world that gives a new color design techniques such brands as Apple, Leica, Blackberry and so on. This time the company converted the new fruit smartphone, offering one of the many colors for aluminum housing iPhone 5.

The new project aims to relieve the owners of iPhone 5 from the dull, according to Nokia, the monotony of black and white patterns, and help emphasize their individuality, while remaining the owner of the flagship smartphone Apple. Having paid a relatively low price, you can become the owner of iPhone 5 different colors of the rainbow.

iPhone 5 anostyle-3

The process is performed by five anodizing technology – an electrochemical process of obtaining a protective or decorative coating on the surface of various alloys. The same technology Apple does the color to white and black models of iPhone 5.

Right now Anostyle service only works in the U.S.. You send your phone company, specify the desired color and in a few days get quite a budget modding device.

The cost of painting the iPhone 5 in any of the colours is $249. The fee is somewhat cheap, provided that equivalent products and services are asking for a similar operation for $1699.

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