Utrecht Martin made ​​renderings of the following technology iPhone that appears realistic, that many people (including ourselves in the first instance) they mistook for a prototype. this design is based on the previously drained back of the iPhone 5 . The new iPhone would be for the most part a metal back gain. The top and bottom edges remain of glass, for a better coverage of the antennae.On the screen of the white iPhone 5 we see a new iOS 6 app this week at WWDC was presented: Passbook . 

Now Martin is back again with a new series of renderings. This time the white version of the future iPhone into a rendering. The illustrations are based on the information which until now has been drained of the new device. Nice details: a ticket Schiphol and Utrecht amazingly real-looking finger marks on the aluminum backing.


As previously leaked information is correct will the next generation iPhone has a metal back. The white strips at the top and bottom edges to ensure that the antennas are still working.


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