AnyFix can fix iOS 14 update errors


AnyFix is ​​a software capable of correcting various errors and problems during the update to iOS 14 or while using the iOS device.

Being able to perform a quick and hassle-free update is every user’s dream. In most cases – during an update – everything goes smoothly and there are no problems but, in case the iPhone should freeze and crash during the update, AnyFix offers a set of tools dedicated to correcting these errors.

But we are not only talking about update errors such as the frozen screen on the Apple logo or the freeze of the device on a black screen. Should important problems arise such as abnormal battery consumption after the first few days of settling, boot loops, or non-response of the touch-screen, Any Fix can intervene to your rescue.

Basically, including iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and iTunes errors, this software is capable of solving more than 330 different errors in just a few clicks. Each problem is different and devices can behave in ways that are not always predictable but it is certain, instead, that the extreme speed and versatility of the software can be used to find and correct the errors that plague iOS devices, in most cases.

For example, among the most common errors that can be solved, we find these:

  • “iPhone Disabled” screen
  • Failure to charge the device
  • The device does not turn on
  • Block at startup on the Apple logo
  • Touch Screen not working
  • The battery that discharges very quickly (Battery Drain)
  • Lock in “headphones” mode
  • Freeze of the device
  • Boot loop at startup
  • Failure to shut down

Within AnyFix there are three correction modes:

  • The standard fix offers the fix for common problems while keeping data on the iOS device intact.
  • The advanced fix offers the fix of more complex problems, such as the startup block but could lead to data loss.
  • Finally, the final correction restores the device to factory conditions and corrects any software problems.

The ability to update and downgrade iOS with a single click is very convenient, also useful in case of beta testing. However, the downgrade is allowed as long as Apple does not block the signatures of previous versions.

And if the error correction operations compromise the data on the device, there is PhoneRescue for the recovery of lost data.

This software therefore also allows you to recover lost or deleted data on iOS devices, such as photos, messages, and documents. The app doesn’t work just by connecting the device to the computer. In fact, to make the procedure more versatile, the application also uses iTunes and iCloud backups. In this way, perhaps from an old backup, it will be easier to find lost files.

Price: $45.99/Month

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