App Developers Withdraw from U.S App Store Fearing a Lawsuit


An increasing number of builders get rid of their apps from the App RetailerThey’re afraid to be dragged to court docket by using corporations like Lodsys, a company that owns patents that many developers would violate. Lodsys is a company that buys patents and exploits it for money dragging.

Smadox The developer epic force, which violated a patent by Lodsys advertise his game in a different app. Disappears not the app, then a lawsuit to follow. Force is an epic of many developers with similar allegations by the company is approached.

European developers withdraw according Guardian back from the U.S. App Store (and the Android Marketplace), for fear of Lodsys and similar companies. A development that worries the UK site:

The growing number of lawsuits filed apps creates serious problems for emerging mobile platforms, as none of the companies involved – Apple, Google and Microsoft – developers can insure against [companies like Lodsys]. Even when the mobile OS developer has signed a patent license – as Apple has done with at least one of the companies that currently design patent lawsuits – is not clear that developers can defend in court.

Kootol in Mumbai has now announced with Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Apple, Amazon, AOL, Nokia, Bebo, Foursquare, IBM, LinkedIn, MySpace, Research In Motion, quorum, Seesmic, Twitpic, Peek, The Iconfactory, Uber Media, Yammer , Facebook, Twitter and some other companies to the U.S. Patent 11/995, 343 have been violated. This is about "a method and system for communicating, advertising, search, share and dynamically displaying a diary feed". 

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