Apple is going in the coming weeks will be adding the  'Food & Drink' category to the App Store, apps that will offered help with cooking or looking for the nearest restaurant. This is evidenced by an email that Apple sent to various developers. Apps that fall into this category are automatically recycle bin unless the developer
s indicate otherwise.


Apps in the new category should focus on finding or preparing food or drinks. Not all food-related apps are added to the category: according to Apple apps that help with diet, shopping or finding deals not admitted to the category. Even food-related games are excluded.

Developers with a food-app have an e-mail received from Apple. It states that the application in the coming weeks will be automatically assigned to the new category. Would you prefer not to, then you can respond to the email with "NO" in the subject line and information about your app in the mail itself.


The App Store has at the moment is the Cooking sectionHere are several apps that probably later in the new category can be seen.


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