App Store: towards a rental application with 3G / iPod touch?


Many whinge of now not with the ability to have a trial to check some functions to be had on the App Retailer . To treatment this, a definite direction after which spend their tool to put in jailbreaken Installous , utility to obtain functions from the App Retailer without cost. 


Of course, developers like Apple are annoyed to see thousands of dollars go up in smoke. They – in this case Apple – had to react. If one believes the various lines of code found in the latest beta of iTunes 10.5, Apple will launch a rental system for their applications .

The lines are can not be clearer. In chronological order, they ask if you want to start using an application X. A reminder will be added to indicate that the applications are automatically deleted from our iTunes library at the end of the rental period. The question is whether such a service will be set up on Tuesday to Keynote " Let's Talk iPhone . " In addition to theiPhone 4S / 5 , Tim Cook could continue his demonstration with this new feature.

Moreover, still in the lines of code found, an interesting note appeared. One notices the appearance of what sentence the "iPod can not be used with iTunes because the IMEI is incorrect" or that "the SIM card has been inserted as a password or PIN required. "It is in this case" enter the password of the SIM PIN or insert your SIM card to activate the iPod. "An iPod touch with a 3G data connection would be finally out? 

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