AppBox 9 adds shortcuts to your lock screen



The problem with iOS dock is that you have to unlock the phone to access it. If you have many more applications and want to access them without having to unlock the iPhone, there is a tweak in Cydia called AppBox for that.

By default there are six icons, but you can add 5 × 7 applications, making a total of 35 applications is more than enough to access all the applications they use it. In some cases very nearly that they will put all the applications that are installed on the iPhone, but losing some visual appeal. Anyway, about tastes there is nothing written, unless the previous sentence.

To access access to the lock screen have to swipe left, leading us to a new panel that sits on the right of the lock screen (left = code = lock screen center and right = AppBox ). As you can see in the following screen, if we pressed up a few icons, we can launch part of the application. In the cases that I put then be pressing for a moment on the Contacts (left), Music (center) and Notes (right) application. In applications such as Mail messages or we will open the screen to compose and send a message or e respectively.


To access some of the above options have to configure the Auto-Unlock (auto-release) or, otherwise, could not, because the device is locked. So we must go to Settings / AppBox / OPTIONS / App Views and introduce there our password, which can logically be dangerous if our phone falls into the wrong hands, either because of a known or lose it.

Besides the above, we can also modify aspects of the lock screen, as can be hide the status bar, date or text “Slide to unlock”, among other things. It also allows us to put a text at the bottom of the date or change the text mentioned “Slide to unlock” one we like more, but it’s something I’ve been testing and I have not yet succeeded. Maybe in future updates.

AppBox tweak is Compatible with iOS 9+ and can be downloaded from the Repository BigBoss  for $1.50

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