Apple-fuel-cell-patentA new Apple patent shows that the firm is interested in lending to the technology of hydrogen fuel cells. This patent granted by the USPTO describes how power might be in future MacBooks.

The fuel source comprises at least one of: sodium borohydride and water; sodium silicate and water; lithium hydride and water; magnesium hydride and water; lithium borohydride and water; lithium aluminum hydride and water; aluminum hydride; an amine borane complex; a hydrocarbon; lithium aluminum hydride; magnesium borohydride; a magnesium borohydride-amine complex; compressed hydrogen gas; and liquid hydrogen.

This technology could be very useful on the autonomy of the MacBook would be able to hold a week without recharging. Besides, the British company Intelligent Energy has proven it can be adapted to the size of the iPhone, what you explained in this post: An iPhone 6 equipped with a hydrogen battery would be able to hold a week!

The problem with this technology is that it is mandatory to replace the battery exhausted by cartridges – and that’s not to mention the water vapor. And there are also concerns about its manufacture in mass and environmental impact.

This battery could happen in years or otherwise not at all. Keep in mind that Apple has thousands of patents, many of which remain in a drawer ana never see the day.[via AppleInsider]

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