Appellancy access your iPhone using facial recognition technology


Appellancy facial recognition

One of the most interesting features of the Android mobile platform is a feature called FaceUnlock. FaceUnlock allows you to unlock your smartphone on the user’s face using the front camera of the device. Selective determination of the person owner of the phone provides additional protection against unauthorized login .

Not to say that Apple totally rejects this way of authenticating users . In one of the patents described face recognition system with a smaller threshold identification and a low-cost computing power. In other words , Apple does not exclude the possibility of independent development of this technology for iOS- devices.

In Cydia , a new application which is a port of Android FaceUnlock functions on iOS. Using Appellancy, any owner of an iPhone and iPod touch with jailbreak can install biometric protection to your device , without waiting for updates from Apple. Earlier, a similar functionality was implemented in the form of a tweak RecognizeMe.

AppellancyAppellancy setting on the iPhone, the user can unlock your phone in the face. Because of this traditional procedure the password to log on to the main screen iOS completely disappears . Additionally, the developer opened API, which will use functionality of the program in third-party applications.

Appellancy compatible with many tweaks for lock screen , including ClassicLockScreen, Convergance, AndroidLock XT and iCaughtU. The cost of utilities is $1.99.

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