Apple spring forward

Apple spring forward

During the event dedicated to the new iPhone 6, Apple also officially makes the leap into the world of wearable with its first smartwatch. It is called Watch, not iWatch as rumored in recent years and will be available in two models, one larger and one smaller, respectively, designed to better adapt to the wrists of men and women.

Apple Watch is designed in a traditional Swiss as expected, rather has a touch screen with built rectangular sapphire and particularly precise touch users. Shares much of the style of the new iPhone 6, with curved edges, elegant dial and a power button on the side, and there is a line hardware – just like on a regular watch – that the Cupertino company called “digital crown”, useful to navigate through menus and to enlarge the images.

Apple TV.


Series like Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley and Veep will soon be seen on HBO NOW also on the Apple TV. Apple is beginning an exclusive partner for the new streaming service. From early April HBO NOW will be available for $ 14.99 a month on Apple’s set-top box. Whether or not we have something like this in this country, is unclear.

25 million Apple TVs, Apple has sold so far. Soon there could be more, the unit now has a new price: $69 instead of $99, Apple TV will cost from now on.

Recently we’ve sold the 700 millionth iPhone. In the last quarter we have twice as many units sold as the rest of the industry. It is the best selling smartphone in the world. And customers love their iPhones. Customer satisfaction (Cook’s favorite statistics): 99 percent.

Health and ResearchKit

Over 900 applications were already integrated into Apple’s Health application. In addition CarPlay HomeKit and it was especially Apple’s Health application that will have a long term effect.
Apple vice president Jeff Williams explained where the biggest problems in the field of medical research. With ResearchKit one wants to help doctors and researchers to develop apps that can better explore diseases. Above all, the apps will help you to collect more data.

Users can log on to their iPhone for a study and perform tests on their iOS device. Health data from Health complete the picture for researchers. Examples called Parkinson Williams, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and breast cancer. With several universities and medical institutions Apple has been working on relevant apps.

Apple has no insight into the personal data that promises Williams. Users can decide for themselves what and how they give their data. ResearchKit is an open source project. They want to reach as many platforms as possible with it.


For 10 years the Mac platform is growing faster than the rest of the computer industry. iPad and iPhone have changed the term “portability” in recent years, says Cook. The task Apple has placed itself to invent the notebook. “And we did it.” Cook said with obvious pride.

MacBook is the new machine simply. In Silver, Space Grey and Gold will be the fanless device. Two pounds easily is the new 12-inch model, the lightest Mac ever: 13.1 millimeters at its thickest point. And of course it has a Retina screen. It is, according to Phil Schiller the best display that has ever existed in a Mac.

12-inch MacBook with Retina
The keyboard is great as always, but completely new. A new print mechanism improves the pressure point, makes the keyboard simultaneously thinner. 17 percent greater are the new keys. Each of these is now equipped with its own LED light.

Innovation is also available in things trackpad. Force Touch and Taptic Enginge (both known from the Apple Watch) is now also available on the Macbook. Four sensors sense the difference between normal clicks and clicks Force that enable additional software features.

Nine hours is to hold the new MacBook battery. The rumor mill was right: In addition to a USB connector C there are no interfaces.

USB 3.1 Type C in a brand new MacBook from Apple

MacBook Air And 13-inch Retina MacBook Pro Refresh

As of April 10, they will be able to buy the device.

Updates are also available for Apple’s MacBook Air – the remains. Thunderbolt 2, faster processors and more memory is now available. The same applies to the MacBook Pro. In addition, Apple built here now the new Force-touch trackpad.

Introduced a third party, revolutionary Series: The MacBook reinvented
Updates MacBook Air and MacBook Pro 13 inch
Apple Watch

Finally, the Apple Watch.
Cook repeated the core aspects of the clock. She was an extremely accurate time piece and a very diverse. Could you communicate with the clock even more direct and personal. Calls can be received and assume also read e-mails. The can not answer that, but Mark or delete after all. The fitness functions are lit Cook again.

Tried the clock has already Christy Turlington Burns (including founder of Every Mother Counts organization). The clock is especially motivating for them. After a video about her half marathon in Africa, there was a first: an interview conducted by Apple’s CEO.

Watch thousands of extensions for their apps, developers have developed since the WatchKit release in November, Cook said. Kevin Lynch showed a few of them, also demonstrated Siri and Apple pay. Also the voice command “Hey Siri” works on the clock.

In your own home, the clock can connect to the iPhone via W-LAN. The advantage is that it does not have to be in range of the smartphone.

In iOS 8.2 users will find a new companion app Apple Watch. In it you will find a range of Apple App Store Watch Apps, how-to videos and settings. The software update will be available today.

18 hours of battery life Apple promises for the clock.


The aluminum Apple Watch Sport was not an ordinary aluminum, it was 60 percent for the same weight harder than standard aluminum. 349 or $ 399 * free sports watches in 38- and 42-millimeter size.

Also in stainless steel it were a special variant: Different manufacturing steps make the material harder and more scratch-resistant, says Jonathan Ive. From $ 549 * there is the Apple Watch. The most expensive model costs $ 1,049 *.

At least $ 10,000 you have to set up your Apple Watch Edition on the table. You will only exist in selected stores

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