2017 iMac

2017 iMac

Recently Apple confirmed a rare move by confirming that it was working on new iMac models. Apple has not shared any details about what upgrades will be made in the new iMac models, but some details about the features of the new desktop Mac models have been raised. The 2017 iMacs is rumored to be introduced with the following features:

AMD Graphics

New iMacs are expected to have AMD Graphics, which supports virtual reality and professional applications. The inclusion of AMD Graphics on the next iMac was previously mentioned by Bloomberg. The current 27-inch iMac is using AMD Radeon R9 GPUs.

Faster NVMe SSDs

It is claimed that the next iMacs will have faster NVM Express PCIe based flash storage space for capacities up to 2 TB. Current 4K and 5K iMac models can also be configured with NVTe PCIe-based SSDs or up to 2 TB of Fusion Drives.

Intel Xeon E3 Processor

New iMac models are expected to have the best-in-class Intel Xeon E3-1285 v6 processor. Intel has not yet released the chip yet, but the processor based on the previous generation E3-1285 could actually be the E3-1280 v6 and the integrated Intel HD Graphics P630.

ECC RAM Between 16GB and 64GB: Depending on the current Mac Pro, we may not be able to see iMac models with 16GB ECC RAM that can be set to 32GB or 64GB. IMacs now have 8GB of non-ECC RAM that can be configured to 16GB or 32GB. ECC RAM can detect and repair data corruption and errors that cause system crashes. There is no word to say if Hele is a DDR3L or DDR4.



Thunderbolt 3

Thunderbolt 3 ports are already on the newest MacBook Pro, so it’s not surprising that they will be on the next iMacs. Thunderbolt 3 is capable of transmitting power, USB, Display Port, HDMI and VGA over a single cable and is a one-stop standard for connecting many accessories and peripherals.

The report claims that the next iMac models will be announced in late October and will have a new keyboard. A previously released with an independent keyboard with Touch Bar and Touch ID were mentioned.

It is also claimed that Apple is working on an 8K external display for the Mac Pro. This is not a rumor, we’ve heard it before, but Apple has confirmed that it is working on a new Apple-branded professional screen. In the past days, Dell announced a 5-inch, 32-inch 8K display.

(Source: Pike’s Universum)

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