Apple’ 5.8-Inch iPhone Could Use A Wraparound OLED Display



Rumors about the new iPhone follow are incessantly and there are the various possible confirmation or denial. In this article we will talk about an interesting Apple patent which, although controversial, could be very interesting.

We have often talked about the  curved display not only seen the latest products from Samsung, but because of rumors that have been around over time even Apple side. Lately there are rumors that Apple is also working to bring OLED screens on all its products: this technology allows their production of flexible screens therefore compatible with the realization of curved display.

In this case Apple would not arrive as the first company on the market to focus on this type of display, but considering the size of a 5.8 “display and a patent filed by Apple itself some time ago why not think of a curved display maybe in the next iPhone Plus version?


Apple will probably not totally would copy the functionality of the curved display of the latest Galaxy Samsung, but maybe introduce more features or, perhaps through an unusual aspect-ratio, could integrate additional functions or quick toggle always be reached through the edges of the screen and maybe replace the physical buttons.

In short, the possibilities could be many and very interesting even if we will probably have to wait more than a few years to see something like this on an iPhone. (via: MacRumors | image credit: T3 iPhone 6 concept)

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