Apple To Be The Only Supplier Of The New 9-Pin Connector Adapter


It appears Apple already established the old 30-pin dock connector to be replaced by a smaller 9-pin dock connector, which will also be used by all future iOS devices. This means that old accessories and cables will no longer work without an adapter.

Nowadays there are a lot of manufacturers who make cables for the various iOS devices, but this means that only Apple might make and sell its cables and adapters.

iLounge sources mentioned that the Dock Connector Adapter only will be obtained through Apple, the adapter might come in a single pack or pack with three adapters. The adapter will cost around $10 for each  or  $29 for 3 adapters. A loose cable for the new connector will cost around $29. The prices are similar to the MagSafe 2 and Micro USB adapter, both available for $10.

"Additional sources have confirmed to iLounge that Apple will be the exclusive initial vendor of a new Dock Connector Adapter, to be sold individually and/or in three-packs. According to sources, the Dock Connector Adapters will sell for approximately $10 each or three for $29, with Apple-branded new USB cables selling for $19 each."

Apple also license to use the competition to counteract, through all revenues and profits of the new cable and adapter arrives at Apple.It still remain unclear whether this really will be the case, in the past we have seen similar stories, later turned out not to be true. Making cables and adapters is not normally the market where Apple much interested. An estimate of iLounge shows that Apple can credited about $ 100 million extra if this will be the case, an amount which is a fraction of the total turnover.


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