Apple A10 chip to have six cores for iPhone 7



The iPhone 6s has not been officially released to the public, yet there are already rumors circulating about the next gen;  iPhone 7 featuring A10 chip with six cores and. If the information we receive in the month of August, a month before the launch of a new iPhone, should be taken as rumor and with considerable skepticism, we bring you the information you today because we have to flowing through the rumorsfera, but does not seem to have much sense. The rumor talks about the A10 processor which include the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

According to an account of the Chinese Twitter, Weibo, both the iPhone July 7 as the iPhone Plus would have a processor with a total of six cores. If we consider that most important internal changes are made in the S models and the current A9 has “only” two cores, it seems unlikely that Apple will make the leap from 2 to 6 cores in a year, but with the company he directed Tim Cook, anything is possible.

The A9 is 70% higher than the A8 (as distinct from speed) and 90% in graphics, all having both dual core performance. The reasons that Apple were to make this leap in number of cores and is precisely why there is to be skeptical of this information is unknown. It makes sense that increasing the number of cores, made of 2-4 maximum. Right now, everything that comes to mind are follies, the lowest level is a related video playback 4K

Many of us say we do not need much hardware that Apple includes in its iPhone, but we were wrong. While any iPhone goes well for quite some time, but what if Montaran more powerful hardware? The answer is simple, that any iPhone would be able to upgrade to more versions of iOS without suffering any performance issues. If the iPhone 6s has 2GB of RAM, certainly more than enough, but it’s very powerful, surely IOS 11 or 12 starts to have problems, and those problems would be minimized if it had 4GB of RAM and a processor yet more potent.

[via G for Games]

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