iphone 6c

iphone 6cAnalysts believe that this year Apple abandon further development of models of the iPhone from the series and will focus on flagship lineup. In the last quarter , Apple sold a record 51 million new iPhone, but he ‘s CEO Tim Cook admitted that the flagship model is attracting more attention.

And while Apple has not given percentage sold iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, CEO confirmed that the latest sales figures were much less impressive than expected in the company. In parallel with this , according to Cybersecurity, hefty game kicks iPhone 5c received from analysts who said that this machine was originally conceived as a budget , but from the premium iPhone 5s distinguishes him just a hundred dollars, which is not enough for breeding these devices in different corners of the market.

Erza Gottheil , an analyst with Technology Business Research, said that he had listened to the quarterly conference Tim Cook last few quarters and in each case found for himself hints Apple chief excuses for poor market dynamics 5c. As a result, Gottheil believes that Apple « second time will not step on the same rake” in the case of the iPhone 6 will leave only one flagship model in a metal casing .

Analysts say that although usually skewed in favor of solutions available in the case of the iPhone advantage of technological advantages , including a 64- bit processor and a fingerprint scanner , outweighed the price factor .

Most analysts convinced that with the iPhone 6 cheaper model does not see the light , because Apple will be forced to implement in a potential iPhone 6c all innovations fifth version 5s, but in this case, the company produces a model that is almost completely repeats itself 5s, which by that time will still be on sale. If Apple go the way of cheapening the product , the company will give up the most interesting features and will lose some fans of the apple ecosystem.

Apple will not release iPhone 6c also because the product does not fit with its current strategy of mobile registration technologically advanced machines , say in Creative Solutions. In this case , all surveyed analysts believe that the company will sell the current iPhone 5c as long as these devices are in demand or until inventories are fully exhausted.

Gottheil argues that in its 35 -year history, Apple has repeatedly produced bad products . This is the ” root ” computer G4 Cube, round mouse Apple Hockey Puck and 7.5 -pound ” laptop » Macintosh Portable. Probably in a few years in this series and get iPhone 5s

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