The arrival of Apple Watch is just around the corner and Apple Final preparations in the first movement opens the door Apple App Store for Apple Watch inviting all developers to submit their applications and servers App Store to be reviewed and receiving approval from Cupertino.

This means that any of the 1.2 million applications can begin to upgrade include support for Apple Watch through WatchKit. We recall that Apple had recently left Apple Watch access to the most relevant developers so that at least the most basic applications are 100% in the Apple Watch.

Integration with Apple Watch can range from simple notifications via skins for watches to complete applications WatchKit. This morning Uber and applications like Flipboard and were updated adding support for Apple Watch and that’s good, as said Steve Ballmer (former executive director at Microsoft) “developers, developers, developers”, developers are the basis of triumph of electronic products today, and enthusiasm of the developers certainly become enthusiastic users before the avalanche of new features and products.

It seems that everything will be ready for the launch of Apple Watch and Apple does not want to miss a single detail.

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