Apple unintentionally leaked new iOS 7 app icons


iOS-7-concept-icons-11Apple accidentally leaked new iOs 7 icons, among which, the weather icon showing the temperature.  The illustration below can be seen from the company’s website, when viewing from a mobile device.

Apple officially unveiled the new firmware for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad on Monday. This had been the biggest upgrade since the release of the first iPhone in 2007, make the the operating system look “lighter” and easier to use with brighter, icons, and a flat. Many users reported that icons design on the home screen outrageous: Apple founder Steve Jobs has said that the icons have to be so beautiful and believable.

Judging by the fact that people have been leaked by Apple, we can only assume that the redesign of the iOS 7 interface is not yet complete, and the final version might bring extra features and changes, including a full-time applications and icons. On the published picture you can see that on the new icon of the weather temperature recorded in text form compare to the beta 1 version of the firmware, the Passbook app shades tend toward green, Reminders still dark gray, iBooks look more darker, and Mail icon has a more rounded shape.


Apple didn’t mentionedthe actual iOs 7 liberate date to the general public, then again, printed some of the upcoming improvements. It’s anticipated that the ultimate model of its cellular running machine can be across the unlock to the brand new iPhone, so that they can be this Fall

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