Apple accused of misleading’ and ‘illegal’ AppleCare warranty in Belgium


apple-care-protection-planIn the past six months, Apple is often criticized by advocates for consumers in Europe. It has recently become aware of the fact that the Belgian consumer rights group sued the Cupertino company. Human rights activists accuse Apple of violating the terms of the EU warranty service of electronic products. Human rights organizations in Europe are increasingly united in their desire to pinch  Apple, which is increasingly obsessed with purses and Europeans. One of these problem areas are the manufacturer warranty policy iPhone. Previously, the company had already caught the fact that its rules do not guarantee conform to EU standards and had to pay 900,000 euros in Italy and then for the company on the same charges come from French regulators.

Recall that Apple provides its products with  1 year warranty. If desired, the warranty period can be extended up to three years due to  program with AppleCare, but this service is paid.

According to the European human rights, this approach violates the law on the protection of consumer rights. EU laws on consumers are entitled to two years of free warranty service, so representatives Test Aankoop require the apple company to revise its policy on guarantees for their devices.


Whereas Apple does now not touch upon the placement. Prior to now, the corporate has confronted such issues and was once compelled to pay imposing fines in Italy and France.

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