Apple Acknowledge iMessage Problems



Apple in a statement acknowledge the existence of iMessage errors and promised a fix in the next updates. The problem lies in the fact that after the change of ecosystem SMS- messages switch from iPhone to Android phones.

Users switching from iPhone to other smartphones running on other operating systems , sometimes takes longer to receive messages from the  iOS devices and the web has a significant number of users trying to find a way to overcome this problem. As Apple officially acknowledged this error , also claimed to have partially solved the problem at the server level, now all users has to do is to expect a software upgrade for iPhone.

” Not so long ago we fixed on the server side error iMessage, causing problems for some users . We still have an additional fix for the next update . Customers who are faced with a problem , please contact customer support service AppleCare “, – said the representative of Apple.

Sometimes, messages disappear because the iPhone continues to send SMS former users on iMessage, even if they moved to other other mobile operating systems. Apple says that the disappearance of SMS-messages is due to the fact that cell phone can still be registered at the iMessage. In order to unregister a phone number , you need to go to the menu “Settings” – > “Messages” and disable the iMessage.

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