Apple Acknowledge Pangu Team For Discovering Vulnerabilities Patched In iOS 8.1.1



As also happened previously with the team Evad3rs, Apple has mentioned the creators of Pangu tools for the discovery of three vulnerabilities patched in iOS with the release of version 8.1.1 happened during the last evening.

The notes appear within content security published in the Apple support page, including these vulnerabilities is an issue of state management in the directory dyld that has to do with the launch of the app, a bug in the validation camp management metadata with the kernel, and a bug in the sandbox profile that allowed apps to run arbitrary binary.


Essentially, Apple admits to being aware of the people behind the jailbreak. The tool developed by the team Pangu debuted last October 22, a few days after the release of iOS 8.1.

After an early version of unsteady several updates that were released in the weeks to follow racing, can now use this version were blown away with the release of iOS 8.1.1, of course we can not exclude the possibility that new exploits are discovered in the future and may be published an updated tool.

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