Apple acknowledges mapping carrier OpenStreetMap in iPhoto


When Apple launched iPhoto in March for the iPhone and iPad, showed the app for some maps Google Maps no longer use. In its place was chosen for OpenStreetMap. The creators of these maps baalden sure that Apple used the service without referring back to the source. In the latest update to iPhoto this problem is solved: are you going to the app in the settings of the iPhone, then OpenStreetMap stated.


The maps from Open Street Maps on the iPhone like they used are not ideal: in March showed the makers even know that the database that Apple chose dates from April 2010.

Using OpenStreetMap resulted in a short time for a lot of rumors.Many users do not recognize the card service, so they went out of service from Apple itself. Stories about Apple's digital maps have been doing the rounds longer, since Apple bought several card companies. The most notable was C3, a company that produces 3D maps. It is still not clear why Apple Open Street Maps. Presumably this has to do with the cost that Google wants to bring into Google Maps.

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