As is now known, Apple introduced the startup company Ottocat bought to offer its users a better search for the in-house app store.

For quite some time the deal between Apple and Ottocat should be signed and sealed. The startup company, founded in 2012, had published a first beta in May-2013. However, Apple has probably taken in the same year Ottocat, which ultimately led to the end of the new company.

The specialists of Ottocat have developed a special system which apps better organized and can display for specific categories. Instead of acting by keyword search engine provides the concept of Ottocat multiple category levels. Users should “discover” the app store so by the categorizations.


Currently you have terms in the search enter and get a list of apps that have something to do with the keywords. The problem is that users have to scroll endlessly and assess the individual apps before you can think about a purchase or free download. In addition, many developers complain that they are simply overlooked. Ottocat to change this. A stricter separation should help. Thanks to countless subcategories users can find in each category the desired app. The app a developer would then not be lost in the more than 1 million applications in the App Store.

Various elements of Ottocat should be integrated in the app store. Among other things, the menu item “Find” is one of them, which was introduced in 2014 for WWDC.

There may even speculation that Apple is working on its own search engine to compete with Yahoo, Google and Bing. However, there is no extensive notes and evidence.[via techcrunch ]

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