Apple Adds FaceTime based e-mail addresses in iOS 4.1 beta 3


Within the newest beta model of IOS four.1 is the approach to FaceTime call to start based on an e-mail address. Like sending a message, you get to start from FaceTime address book menu. You can then start a conversation based on a number of the contact, but also based on an email address.

Facetime email 


The new functionality adds initially limited to FaceTime on the iPhone 4. Each iPhone is a phone number. In view of the future it may be interesting, because FaceTime than is possible on devices without a phone. You can think of an iPod touch or iPad with a camera on the front.

The rumor that Apple next month with a new iPod touch comes with a camera on the front would contain this functionality will be enhanced. That later a new iPad comes on the market also get a camera, is not unlikely.[via MacRumors]

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