Apple has launched a new section on iTunes called "  Catalogs"and subtitled" iOS Catalogs " . Its usefulness is still unknown: it only appears in the iTunes previews on the web, and is empty.




“The impact of the iPad in the shopping and publication industries has been massive.  Many thousands of apps have been added over the last 2 years to address the consumers need to interact with their favorite books, magazines and brands within an iPad optimized experience.  Just last week at eTail in Palm Springs, hundreds of retailers gathered to here from thought leaders in the mobile space about how important the iPad is for prospecting, engagement and customer acquisition.  Catalog Spree has been the leader in the catalog shopping app space since first launched in late April 2011.  Until today (the day before the “iPad 3″ launch), Catalog Spree and dozens of other shopping entertainment apps have been categorized in the “Lifestyle” category in the Apple App Store.  Today, Apple has added a new top level category called “Catalogs” to the App Store.  As of yet, there are no listed apps in that category but we expect that to change tomorrow after Apple’s
“iPad 3″ announcement.  Adding an app category is not something that Apple does lightly and we believe Apple’s decision reflects the importance of this usecase in the Apple App Store ecosystem.”


Another sign of the imminent arrival of a new iPhone is that the IOS version 5.1 looks set for launch after spending the Gold Master stage. Here come the compatibility of the Japanese Siri, plus some additional improvements in the wizard and an easier way to access the screen from the lock screen.We also have the fact that this version has been quite intensive tests of quality to keep out any mistakes however small.

Finally we have the addition of something called 'Catalogs' on the App Store . It may be a new classification layer for applications store, or it may be some new content that will leverage the retina of the tablet screen to see this afternoon. 'Catalogue' is placed next to other categories such as Education, Business, Entertainment, Books, suggesting it could be a new type of applications.


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