For years, that you would be able to movement song from Apple devices on the house wi-fi community to specifically geared up audio system. The AirPlay expertise makes it that you can think of to move on the Mac, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. AirPlay has now been expanded to include video since OS X Lion Mountain, the screen shown on the Mac Apple TV without the hassle of cables.

We are curious about  what Apple plans in September to expand the functionality of its Airplay features. According to The Telegraph, the company will introduce AirPlay Direct , which will be familiar to all updated features, and will not use a WiFi network to stream music to compatible devices. Instead, iOS devices will be able to create their own networks to transmit audio to compatible peripherals.

Sources familiar with Apple plans, reported that the company wants to improve the AirPlay technology to stream music and eliminates the need to use AirPlay-compatible acoustic WiFi network. The new version of the famous and popular technology will directly create its own connection to play music.

The new technology is expected to be presented On September 12, the same day as the new iPhone. Most likely, this featur
e will be named differently, such as AirPlay 2.0 "AirPlay Direct" is a working title.

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