Since Apple’s introduction the new AirPods at the event last September, there have been many who have been updating the website of the day company after day in order to see any news regarding the estimated dates for the disposal of first wireless headset Cupertino.

Being already at the end of the month, a few days ago that these visits have intensified, but the result has been very fruitful. Hopes were set, what remedy, in the event that the company is scheduled tomorrow in their offices, hoping to see during the same an already definite date. Nothing is further from reality. Apple confirmed today that the AirPods will not see the light this month.

For now, Apple has not specified the cause of this unexpected delay, but perhaps we have something during the presentation of the new Macs tomorrow. In any case, it is not the first time we see problems related to the production, which directly affects their distribution and that could be the cause of this delay.

The criticisms are receiving these new headphones by those who have already been able to try are good, and not these setbacks do nothing but increase our hype for them. We look forward tomorrow to any information related to these devices eventually will wait longer than we would like.

(source: TechCrunch)

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