Apple AirPort Utility app goes for IOS release


In early betas of iOS 5 was a new feature added. You could AirPort drives on a local network with setup. For example you can set a Time Capsule, including Wi-Fi network name and password. You can also connect to an existing network or a base replacement. The beta of this has worked iOS 5 via the Settings app on the device, but it seems that Apple is working to a separate AirPort Utility app to iOS it.


Under Wi-Fi Networks, a new option reads “Set up an AirPort Base Station…” In setting up a Time Capsule, users are given the option to create a Wi-Fi network, complete with password, or “Do something different.” Selecting the latter option gives users the option to join an existing network, or to replace a base station. Users are also given appropriate error messages or details on how to fix any issues directly from the iOS Settings application.

This app will be available through the App Store, perhaps as early as October 12th, simultaneously with the public release of iOS in May. It appears from the Golden Master of iOS 5, where a button is AirPort-based network. Press this button, a pop-up that advises you to the AirPort Utility from the App Store to download. Then open iTunes. On the app is not yet available.It makes clear that there are still some surprises in IOS 5 will be found. Setting up an AirPort network looks and functionality of iOS May be met and transferred to a separate app.

It corresponds to a different function of iOS 5, Free PC. This is a collection of tools that allow you iOS 5-device use can make it without you having to connect to a Mac or Windows PC. It is in line with Apple’s vision for the post-PC era, where you no longer need desktop for major acts.

On October 12 we can expect the AirPort Utility, plus another app that Apple was presented at the keynote last week . Lets you print greeting cards on your iPhone.

AirPort Utility will soon be available via this link: .


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