Apple’s senior vice president of engineering apologizes to customers who have been waiting for the launch of this cargo base, in the statement he has sent to TechCrunch. This loading base was announced in September 2017, along with the iPhone X and for a year and a half we have not heard about its launch.

Apple was so convinced of its launch, that in some products, including the second generation of AirPods, indicated that they can be charged with the wireless charging base AirPower, in addition to other compatible with the Qi standard.

The load base would be formed by three layers of coils, which allowed to load up to three devices together, something that probably due to heating problems that Apple said that suffered this product was the reason for cancellation.

It’s unlikely that Apple continues working in the development of this load base down the road, although it is clear at the moment that the company will wait for the necessary technology to be able to develop this product and exceed at Apple’s high-quality standards.

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