Apple is working in the factories of Foxconn improve. Workweeks in the factory reduced to at most 49 hours, while the number of overtime per month from 80 to 36 hours will be reduced. A compensation package will ensure that employees are now not much less earn. This would allow the pressure within Foxconn to be reduced. 

There are also tens of thousands of new employees assumed. 
Apple and Foxconn improve the working conditions following an investigation by the Fair Labor Association (FLA). The report found that Foxconn employees had to work longer than it should: in some cases, workers even seven days a week, without the mandatory 24 hours free time. The code of the FLA claims
that employees at most 60 hours per week may be weeks – this is including possible overtime.

Apple used the Foxconn factories for the production of several products including the iPhone and the iPad. The working conditions in these factories were always questionable, but a detailed article from The NewYorkTimes eventually led to strong criticism. This led to the FLA factories shortly after the invasion, to see exactly what rules are violated.


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