Apple CEO Tim Cook and Google CEO Larry Page are talking about patents. Both executives last week would have conducted an extensive phone call about their issues. This week there would be another meeting to take place. Lower levels within the company are working to prepare for the talks, writes Reuters.

The patents issues would already be resolved before Christmas. Commitment is the current patent struggle around Android, which Tim Cook has inherited from his predecessor Steve Jobs. Who promised a 'thermonuclear war' to Android out of the way, because he felt that the iOS user interface was stolen. Simultaneously Larry Page has also something to do with an inheritance: the acquisition of Motorola Mobility has been engaged in business with Apple
patent issues surrounding basic mobile technologies.

It is still unclear whether the talks are about the only similarities between Android and iOS, whether they work on a comprehensive peace settlement. Once stood the two companies of foot friendly: the former Google CEO Eric Schmidt was even on the board of directors of Apple. When Android appeared on the market and the first devices available were stepped Schmidt (2009) from the board. Moreover, he wore his role as Google CEO Larry Page to last year.

Jobs felt especially betrayed by Schmidt, who had earlier promised that Google would make no phones. In 2010, both executives still together on the terrace of a coffee shop signaled. Of yelling or malevolent glances was no question.

Now Apple has won a lawsuit against Samsung, it might that other Android manufacturers are nervous. Tim Cook warned after the victory that the rest of the industry should watch out for legal action. Page may want to avoid. Both companies have a lot o
f money and can stand long legal battle. That telephone interviews are conducted, there may have to do that personally discuss with each other too would notice.

A patent expert said last year that Apple $7,000,000 per day can earn money by licensing duties on Android devices. Cook may be inclined to that money to shoot. He said earlier this year that the current patent battle is "a pain in the neck".


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