apple-samsungApple and Samsung could not come to a compromise in a patent dispute at a recent meeting . Preliminary information about the CEO IT- corporations have tried to negotiate out of court , but again without success , appeared last week , and now it is officially confirmed as the parties informed of this court.

This means that the trial will continue. The next hearing in federal court in California is scheduled for March 31. According to a document filed with the court together , the leaders of the two companies in early February, spent the whole day in negotiations with the participation of a mediator , after which their representatives have repeatedly communicated with the mediator on the phone.

” Despite these efforts , the proposal intermediary parties did not reach the goal , – the document says. – The parties are still willing to work through a mediator selected by them jointly . “

In May 2012, the head of Apple and Samsung have already met to discuss ways out of the protracted conflict. Although the meeting did not lead to a final resolution of the dispute , but marked a movement towards reconciliation.

The patent battle between Apple and Samsung began in April 2011 , when the American company appealed in federal court in California , alleging a violation of intellectual property rights . Apple believes that mobile phones and tablet computers, which produces Samsung – it’s just a copy of the iPhone and iPad. Samsung filed a counter-suit . As a result, companies struggle unfolded in ten countries , including the United States , South Korea, Germany, the Netherlands and Australia.

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