samsung_profitsAll the profits in the smartphone market take two companies – Apple and Samsung. This conclusion was made by the analyst Tavis McCourt Raymond James . According to him , the popularity of Android as a platform in the mobile market is not converted into success for most first-tier manufacturers .

Experts estimate that in the IV quarter of 2013, Apple had a share of 87.4 % of the global operating profit on sales of smartphones. Samsung got 32.3% . Thus, the two corporations control almost 120% of operating profit in the market (previous year – 104 %). Total profit Apple and Samsung was higher compared with the profit for the industry as a whole, because most other active players in the market ended the quarter with a loss .

McCourt did not result in a share of Apple and Samsung in the supply , but called the index of Chinese producers – 40 % of the total issued phones globally. From the perspective of the company’s revenue from China occupy 30 percent stake .

Despite the rise of Chinese brands , their growth in 2014 will be not as big as before, because the dynamics of smartphone sales in China is slowing down . In this country , as well as in other developing regions , Chinese manufacturers can expect an increase in the share , but in developed countries retain a dominant role Apple and Samsung.

Strong competition in the mobile industry provokes the participants to take decisive measures . And they are already being implemented : Microsoft completes acquisition of mobile business Nokia, Google sells a division of Motorola Lenovo, BlackBerry and signed a contract with Foxconn to manufacture cheap phones aimed at emerging markets. At the same time , companies such as LG and HTC are based on the profit of other units to keep the smartphone market.

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