Apple and Samsung Patent War: 5 features stolen from iOS


samsung-galaxy-s4-vs-apple-iphone-5In a U.S. court this week began consideration of the claim of technology giant Apple to Samsung. The U.S. company has accused its rival in the smartphone market “systematic copying features of its devices ” and requires a $2 billion for copyright infringement . What patents , according to Apple, the Korean manufacturer has violated ?

The lawsuit Apple refers to the five technologies that affect ten smartphones and tablets Samsung. In particular, in Cupertino believe that Koreans illegally use patent , titled “System and method for execution of operations on the structure in computer-generated data .” This document describes the function of ” illumination ” in the text of a particular type of information , a user can perform certain actions (for example, call the phone number in the SMS).

The second disputed patent is called ” asynchronous data synchronization on devices .” This feature is widely used on the iPhone and iPad: users can interact with applications simultaneously with data synchronization ( for example, when “Calendar” loaded new meeting created on a computer ) .

Patents for ” backlight ” and search for information on your mobile device
Third patent “Universal interface for retrieval of information in a computer system ” describes the search feature on mobile devices. Typing iPhone and iPad will search not only stored on the mobile device data, but also allow to access the Internet or Wikipedia. Fourth , “Method , system and graphical user interface , providing a verbal recommendation ,” describes the function of the auto- words when entering text.

Fifth Patent – “Unlocking device gesture performed over razblokirovochnym image” – one of the most important . According to Apple, Samsung unlock illegally uses the smartphone and tablet by holding your finger on the screen.

Probably Samsung lawyers respond to claims that such functions have been developed by Google and other companies before being released the first model of the iPhone in 2007. Perhaps they will also argue that the complaint Apple threatens competition in the mobile market , as mentioned patents largely relate to Android, which means that a judicial dispute must be brought by other manufacturers.

It is possible that Apple just this and wants. Beat company designed not so much on the Samsung, but on Google – the most common developer ” OSes “, which is used in the Galaxy- smartphones products HTC, Sony, LG and other companies. Android-powered devices running over a billion , so if Apple wins , Google and its partners will have to modify Android and associated software. Internet search engine does not pass the defendant in the case , but it is expected that Google employees will perform at the hearing as witnesses.

In fact , Apple is fighting with Android for six years. Google operating system , the late Steve Jobs called a ” stolen product” and threatened searcher ” thermonuclear war .” “I am ready to fight to the last breath and spend every cent of the bank account Apple, to prove their guilt . I ‘m going to destroy Android, because it’s a stolen product, ” – he said .

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